Wellness in Truckee

In Truckee, our day-to-day routine probably doesn’t differ too dramatically from anyone else’s: drop the kids off at school, get an oil change, stop by the post office, hop on a conference call, take the dog out for a jog on the Legacy Trail, pick up dinner.

Conversations of how to cultivate a healthier work-life-balance abound over cappuccinos at Coffeebar. Perhaps it’s just my current life stage — business owner in her early 30’s who says yes too often and feels bored when not stressed — but I don’t think I’m alone in continually yearning for a stronger sense of wellness in my daily routine. Thankfully, Truckee is the ultimate inspiration. Even on busy days when I’m unable to get outside, simply gazing out my office windows at the alpenglow painted on the neighboring mountains is enough to remind me in an instant why this is my sanctuary.

John Muir once said that going to the mountains is going home, and it’s true… I believe our bodies and souls were designed to be at peace in nature: nothing makes me feel quite as alive than swimming in a cold alpine lake after hiking six miles to get there. I have met countless individuals who call Truckee their base camp — not just for a big life, but a new life. There’s no denying it: this place is healing.

Of course, not only has Truckee become a place of rejuvenation, it has also attracted a rad community of local businesses who create soft spaces to unwind in. “Wellness” means different things to different people, but for me, the wellness culture of Truckee can be summed up in the nourishment of the mind, body, and soul. As our bodies are so active here — often taking hard falls and gnarly injuries — it’s especially important to carve out time to slow down. Here are a few of my favorite ways to do just that:

Stretch It Out

Truckee’s yoga community is alive and well, with several different studios and styles rooted here.  Alpenflow | Yoga Studio Tahoe, located in the Pioneer Center, has a devout following and offers workshops, yoga teacher training, and an incredibly dynamic teaching staff. Another local favorite is Tahoe Yoga & Wellness, conveniently located on Donner Pass Road, which additionally offers massage therapy, chiropractic care, acupuncture and more. My personal go-to is Namaste, located in Brickeltown: a smaller studio with inexpensive community drop-in classes. You might also try Truckee Yoga Collective, which is also a teacher training studio. Make sure to ask about the new student special! If you’re looking for a truly unique wellness experience at altitude, look up Gyöngyi Ridenour of GyöHarmony — a sound healer and yoga instructor (among many other things) who makes regular appearances around

Life at 6,000 Feet

Living at altitude means we’re continuously exposed to the elements on a harsher level; copious amounts of sun exposure and dry
air is not exactly beneficial to our skin or hair. Thankfully, there are professionals in the region who understand firsthand how to treat altitude’s side effects. If you need to give your hair or lashes some love, I cannot recommend my friend Alana Ciera at Lumiére Hair Studio enough. A charming light-filled space with tall vaulted ceilings, Lumiére’s upstairs Brickeltown location is intimate and stocked with photogenic hair products in cotton candy colors that will woo dry hair back to life.

My other favorite downtown haunt is the newly opened day spa AlpineGold Spa & Boutique. Owner and seasoned beauty vet Merritt King offers treatments ranging from facials to sugaring to spray tanning, alongside her beautiful boutique: Truckee’s best-kept secret for scoring unique gifts.

Detoxing (then retoxing), making room in the budget for regular massages, and organic smoothies from New Moon are all a part of the routine as well — a routine that’s become as treasured to me as the vigorous outdoor activities I enjoy every other day of the week. Visiting town? Stay hydrated, keep up with your electrolytes, and take it slow if you’re especially susceptible to the elevation.

And treat yourself — after all, that’s why we’re all here! Self-care has become such a buzz word in today’s society, it’s almost evolved into cliché status — but I’d like to think clichés are clichés for a reason.

Regardless of how you choose to access the outdoors, I can guarantee it will be more enjoyable if it’s married to a healthy dose of pampering self-care on the regular. So go ahead, indulge. I’ll see you out there.


About Laura Lawson Visconti

Laura Lawson Visconti is the owner of Geography Creative, a social media agency specializing in telling the stories of adventurous brands around the world. Additionally, Laura is the co-founder of Drink Coffee Do Stuff, a specialty coffee roastery based in Truckee. She is also a Sony Alpha photographer and author, and when not traveling on assignment, she enjoys exploring the mountains of Lake Tahoe alongside her husband, former professional snowboarder Nick Visconti. Keep up with her adventures on Instagram @lauralawsonvisconti.