The Wailers on the Rooftop, Moonshine Ink’s 10th Tiny Porch Concert

The legendary Wailers, to Moonshine Ink’s surprise and delight, recently blessed their Tiny Porch project with an acoustic set. In a special recording session held on the Crystal Bay Casino’s parking garage roof — a venue not used before as far as they know (thank you, Bill Wood!) — the ‘songs of freedom,’ the band’s smiling faces, and the wave of peaceful vibes radiated the messages that Bob Marley carried the world over, decades ago: Peaceful ways hold sway and unity in humanity is still a worthwhile goal. Rest assured, the Jamaican rebel spirit lives on.

Check out the video NOW, live on YouTube, and  the full article by Molly Wilcox in Moonshine Ink, including an exclusive audio interview with lead singer Josh David Barrett. The sound and video production team included the talented Jeremy Jensen, Wade Snider, and Danny Sturtevant.

BIG shout-out to this episode’s sponsors: Crystal Bay Casino, Christy Hill, Split Rock Music, and Villager Nursery / New Moon Natural Foods — without whom this episode would not have been possible!

GROUP PHOTO: Nothing but smiles after the Wailers acoustic set atop the Crystal Bay Casino’s garage roof. Photo by Moonshine Ink