Never Miss a Minute with the Best Truckee Tahoe Webcams

Martis Peak Fire Lookout

Photo: Paul Hamill Photography

Don’t you wish you could see what it’s like Truckee right now? You can! You might be surprised to learn that there are many webcams stationed throughout Truckee that stream live video of the region. Tune in and you can experience some of our favorite views… virtually! Stop wondering if there’s sun, smoke, or snow and watch the conditions live on these Truckee webcams.

Wildfire Lookout Cams

Fire lookouts like the one on Martis Peak pictured above, are one of the tools wildland firefighters use to quickly identify and locate new fires. Today, many are unmanned and in some cases, webcams have taken the place of a physical attendant. The local fire cams below are installed high on mountaintops and ridgelines to give firefighters (and you!) a birds eye view of the region.

Safety Reminder: It only takes one small spark to start a massive wildfire, especially during Red Flag Warnings when fire danger is extreme. Learn how to prevent wildfires in Truckee and Lake Tahoe and use the Ready Nevada County Dashboard for the latest wildfire incident and evacuation updates. 

All Truckee/Tahoe Fire Cams

Ski Resort Cams

Have you ever wondered what your favorite ski resort looks like in the summer, when there’s no snow on the ground? Find out here! The cams below give you a unique view of the slopes year-round. Follow along in September and Octobers to catch gorgeous displays of fall colors in the mountains. Then, as the resorts gear up for the winter season, you can watch the hills turn white as snowmaking begins! These are our favorite webcams to keep an eye on once the snow flies in Truckee. Tune in during big snowstorms and see for yourself how many inches of snow fell at the resorts. Watch the snow pile up and get excited for deep pow turns as the snow piles up! 

Donner Lake Cams

Are you pining for the shores of Donner Lake? Let these cams take you there! Tune in to the lake’s live feed and relive your favorite memories from summer in Truckee. In the morning, you’ll see kayaks and SUPs enjoying the water while the winds are calm. In the afternoon, you might catch jetskis whizzing about or sailboats harnessing the wind. For a special treat, open the cams around sunset and you’ll experience Truckee’s alpenglow light up the mountains.

Cams Around Truckee

So far, we’ve taken you on a tour of Truckee’s scenic mountaintops, ski slopes, and favorite alpine lake. Next up, we head inside city limits to see the historic downtown! The Downtown Truckee Webcam takes you to the heart of Truckee. Watch the train come and go, visitors peruse downtown’s shopping and dining, and get a feel for the beat of Truckee! From there, we take you to the skies where you can get an unobstructed view of the skyline and watch planes take off and land at the Truckee Tahoe Airport.

Siobhan Kenney

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Siobhan traveled the American West as a National Park Ranger before setting down roots in Truckee. Outdoor adventure is her bread and butter and most days you can find her skiing, trail running, or backpacking.  Follow along with her adventures on Instagram @siokenney.