Truckee Fire + Police

  1. Each year Truckee Fire personnel teach over 375 students American Heart Association CPR and First Aid.
  1. Truckee Fire personnel attend over 35 community special events each year to distribute fire safety materials and provide EMS services.
  1. Firefighters taught fire safety classes to four different schools of K-3rd grade, with a total of around 770 students last year.
  1. Prevention staff conducted over 1500 defensible space inspections and 210 commercial building inspections last year in an effort to reduce the threat of fire.
  1. 100% of our firefighters are also paramedics, able to provide the highest level of EMS services.
  1. In Truckee a paramedic ambulance arrives on scene on average in 6 minutes and under 10 minutes 90 % of the time.