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Why Truckee

You know the place. It’s home to your favorite, best ever top-to-bottom run, ride or paddle glide. Where the stars and the conditions align and you enter, the zone. Where that certain restaurant chainsaws ice blocks, where that artist forges up-cycled iron, that chef creates farm-to-mountain-top dinners, that entrepreneur brainstorms the next killer App on a chairlift. Read blog post about our authentic town. Check out Truckee's awards and accolades.  Visit our Why Truckee page. 

Truckee Facts + Stats


Located in the Sierra Nevada mountain range, Truckee is just 200 miles northeast of San Francisco, California; 100 miles east of Sacramento, California; 40 miles west of Reno, Nevada; and 12 miles north of Lake Tahoe, California. Planes, trains, and automobiles are three convenient ways to get to Truckee.  Highway I-80 runs right through Truckee, as does Amtrak along the Transcontinental Railroad, which passes right through town, and Truckee Tahoe Airport provides for daily private and charter flights.


Downtown Truckee: 5,980 ft.
Donner Summit: 7,239 ft.
Donner Peak: 8,019 ft.
Mt. Judah: 8,243 ft.


Town of Truckee: 16,180
(source: U.S. Census Bureau, 2010 Census)


Average Summer Temperature:
40-79 degrees Fahrenheit

Average Winter Temperature:
17-42 degrees Fahrenheit

Average Total Snowfall:
201 inches

Average Total Precipitation:
30 inches (source: Western Regional Climate Center)

Coldest Spot in the Nation?
Truckee has often been recognized as the coldest spot in the nation, but not during the winter ski season as one might expect. These nippy temperatures are noteworthy because they occur from June through early October. While it may be true, it really doesn’t give a true picture of Truckee’s pristine California weather pattern. Official temperatures are taken at the Truckee-Tahoe Airport, located in Martis Valley. On clear nights, cool air from the high mountains sink downslope into the valley, a high-elevation basin. The dense air mass settles into the basin, creating a chilled microclimate contributing to the chilly readings. As the sun begins to rise, so does the temperature, creating enviable summer and fall temperatures.


The Truckee Donner area has expansive granite mountain, vista, meadow, and lake terrain.


34 square miles of largely developed land in the eastern portion of Nevada County.
Vacant/Underutilized: 28.4%
Residential: 27.0%
Permanent/Protected Open Space: 18.8%
Roads/Railway Right-of-Way/Other: 12.2%
Parks, Lakes, Public/Institutional: 10.8%
Commercial/Office: 1.5%
Industrial/Mining: 1.3%


Truckee was first established in 1863 and incorporated in 1993. The Town of Truckee is one of three incorporated cities in Nevada County (Grass Valley and Nevada City are the other two). The Town is governed by five council members, elected at large for four-year terms. Elections are held every other year, and terms are staggered.

Sales Tax (State and Local): 8.125%
(7.5% State of California, .125% Nevada County Library Tax; .5% Truckee Measure V – Roads)

Sales Tax Revenue
2011/2012: $2,843,406
2010/2011: $2,904,190
2009/2010: $2,406,784
2008/2009: $2,824,335
2007/2008: $3,703,638
2006/2007: $3,548,969

Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT): 10%
2011/2012: $1,350,699
2010/2011: $1,436,129
2009/2010: $1,431,927
2008/2009: $1,333,990
2007/2008: $1,434,819
2006/2007: $1,295,908

Town of Truckee + Town Hall
10183 Truckee Airport Rd., Truckee, CA 96161
Phone (530) 582-7700
Fax (530) 582-7710


Truckee Single Family Homes:
Median price: $439,950
(average days on market 104)

Truckee Condos:
Median price: $302,500
(average days on market 165)

Average Rent: $1,500 (approx.)
3 bedroom, 2 bath, 2 car garage

(source: Better Homes & Gardens-Mason McDuffie Real Estate/Dan Powers-CB Rentals, Truckee. Sales information obtained from Tahoe Sierra Multiple Listing Service deemed reliable but not guaranteed. Data for areas reported are 007, 008, 009 inclusive.

Median Household Income: $67,750
(source: U.S. Census Bureau, 2005-2009 American Community Survey)

Households: 6,343
Average Household Size:
Total Housing Units:
Median Age:
(source: U.S. Census Bureau 2010 Census)