Truckee Big Life Local – Natalya Asadullina

In Truckee, there’s a saying, come for the winter, but stay for the summer, which speaks to visitors and locals alike. With access to beautiful Lake Tahoe, year-round outdoor sports and a mountain community that celebrates its rich history and transformation into an economic hub for new businesses, Truckee has become more than just a simple tourist destination. There are very few places where balancing adventure and a thriving career are possible, but Truckee clearly offers both.

This unique combination of lifestyle and opportunity played a major role in inspiring me to relocate from the Bay Area. Leaving the congestion of the city was a welcome change, however, embarking on a major move also came with some apprehension. For instance, I’d heard that finding work in Tahoe/Truckee can be challenging for newcomers, but after a bit of research, I discovered that opportunity is prevalent thanks to the growing base of companies who are planting their roots here.

When I began my job search the first organization that I encountered was Clear Capital. A Real Estate Analytics firm with offices in Truckee, California; Roseville, California and headquarters in Reno, NV, Clear Capital is a privately-owned, founder-led company that I immediately wanted to connect with. Their energetic, professional team of employees and customer driven focus aligned with my own personal values and I knew it was where I wanted to be.

It’s been about seven months since I’ve joined Clear Capital, and I can confidently say that this is absolutely one of the best choices that I have made for myself both professionally and personally. I’ve been introduced to an amazing group of talented people that exemplify the perfect blend of professionalism and fun. I consider myself pretty lucky, and I feel like I have it all, a beautiful place to live in, great people surrounding me and a professional career path ahead.