Truckee Big Life Local – Meet Jenelle Potvin

Operations Manager, KCA Advisors

Years in Truckee Area
17 years

Originally From
Upper Peninsula of Michigan

Why the Truckee Area?
Sunshine! And although Truckee gets a lot of snow, it’s not that cold – if you want to experience “cold”, visit Michigan. I came for the sunshine, and stayed because of the strong sense of community, beautiful scenery, changing seasons, and extensive trails. I can’t imagine a more spectacular place to raise my twins.

Big Life?
To me, living a big life means spending as much time in our gorgeous surroundings as possible.  In order to balance it all, that might mean waking up a little early or staying out a little late, and pushing myself outside of my comfort zone a bit –  but when I experience that insane sunrise or sunset from the trail, it’s all worth it. I strive to instill the same love and appreciation for the outdoors in my children that my parents provided me with. Here’s my blog: And you can find me on group runs with our local running club: