#Shop Local 365 Truckee

Truckee is now in the Red Tier. This means restaurants can now offer indoor dining at reduced capacity, along with their outdoor dining and takeout options. Retail can now operate at 50% indoor capacity and gyms at 10% indoor capacity.


Masking, distancing, avoiding gathering, and getting vaccinated when it’s your turn, are the ways we can continue to lower our community’s COVID transmission. Individual action leads to collective mitigation, and everyone’s efforts to help lower COVID transmission are reflected in our tier data, and help us all get back to business.

Supporting our local businesses has never been more important!

As consumer culture continues to prioritize monster online retailers over local stores, the Truckee Chamber of Commerce is leading a movement to get all residents and visitors to make supporting our local community a way of life with #ShopLocal365Truckee.

The pandemic has hit our local businesses hard. These are our friends, our neighbors who often have put everything on the line to build their business and make our community the special place we all love and call home. These are businesses who have always been there for us… supporting our nonprofits, local sports teams, and fundraisers for many years. Now is the time for us to support them.

The fact is the monster online retailers will never be able to connect with our community…. give shoppers personalized, memorable experiences, or sell unique, quality goods. The local aspect is where our small businesses excel – they know our names, they know our families, they care about us. Only WE can care about our community.

#ShopLocal365Truckee is not just about “shopping.” It is also about purchasing services such as car repairs, haircuts, gym classes. It’s about dining locally – whether that be in some of the fun al fresco stages set up around town, or doing takeout and enjoying their cuisine at home. It’s about “paying it forward” and pre-purchasing services or products you know you are going to use or need in the future.

This is about believing and embracing the fact that we are community-minded people that think first about where we can spend our money… locally… in the community where we live, work and play. By adopting this culture, it positions our community for long-term success. We are the only ones capable of building a strong economy… from the inside out. We know that our dollars will continue to work for us by funding critical public services and making our community a vibrant place where business can thrive. We know the impact that every one of our hard-earned dollars can have on the vitality of our community where we live. We know that our money in the deep pockets of monster online retailers will do nothing for our community. We know that by shopping more consciously, we can each do our part – 365 days a year – to contribute to the sustainability of Truckee. When we all commit to this, the impact to our community will be massive.

#ShopLocal365Truckee is not a holiday promotion, it is not an event, it is not some fleeting campaign. It is a daily practice that can make our community stronger. Let’s make it a way of life. Truckee shops local – 365 days a year.