Gateway Mountain Center – Where Youth Learn, Heal, and Thrive

Gateway Mountain Center

Gateway Mountain Center is where youth of all backgrounds learn, heal, and thrive. With spirited, adventure-learning the staff at Gateway Mountain Center helps youth transform their self-awareness through connections with self, nature and community.  As systems thinkers, the staff understands that connecting with the Life Force heals, inspires, and teaches.

Gateway Mountain Center offers field trips, therapeutic wellness programs and summer camps. A typical field trip integrates their leading-edge Field Studies with Mountain Adventure and/or Wellness curricula. Serving over 1,000 student annually, they customize their programming to meet your goals, needs, and challenges. Youth of all backgrounds in 4th through 12th grade are welcome, with programs ranging from academic rigor to alternative education/enrichment.

In addition to science academics, Gateway Mountain Center programs offer games, team-building, group challenges, reflection and mindfulness activities, nature journaling, art, take-home exercises for personal empowerment, evening programs with campfires, student skits, dance, music, yoga and environmental films.

For more information visit or call 530-426-2110.