FiftyFifty Brewing: From Truckee, to Reno and Beyond

Fifty Fifty Brewing

I met Andy and Alicia Barr in 2017 through a mutual friend. When Andy started talking about growing the Truckee Craft Ventures (TCV) portfolio of business to be global brands based in Truckee, I jumped at the opportunity. After 15 years building businesses in the Bay Area (Homegain, Strava, Google and Urbandoor) I moved my wife and two young daughters to Truckee to join as COO of TCV. We had always dreamed of a life in the mountains (we’re all skiers and my wife was raised on the north shore of Lake Tahoe) and after almost a year, we’re truly living our Big Life dream. I’m grateful every day that I get to live in Truckee, raise our kids in this community, and still pursue my passion for growing global businesses.

FiftyFifty Brewing, a TCV company, was founded in Truckee in 2007 by local entrepreneurs Andy and Alicia Barr. Now, 12 years later, we’re building a global business with headquarters and primary production right here in Truckee. In addition to our local Truckee Brewpub, we sell award winning, Truckee made beer in 25 states and 13 countries. As part of our growth in the region, it was recently announced that FiftyFifty Brewing will be anchoring the new Reno Public Market with a new Brewpub opening in in 2020. The goal for FiftyFifty has always been to create world class beer, and world class experiences and as we’ve grown (currently almost 80 total employees) we’ve looked to expand ways we can share our Truckee beer with the global community

Reno was an obvious choice as it’s ‘just down the hill’,  and a nearby city with a growing thirst for great epicurien experiences. Andy and Alicia had been working on Reno for a while, so I can’t take credit for that. Our plan in Reno is similar to what we’ve done in Truckee: brew world class beer and showcase that beer with exceptional pub food in a welcoming environment. We’re excited to add this brewery to our growing business and look forward to more interaction with customers, more feedback to help us improve, and of course, more great beer.

Beyond Reno we’ll continue to grow the FiftyFifty footprint and next week, Andy and I are headed to China for a 10 day, 6 city tour to introduce FiftyFifty beer to the Chinese market. China’s craft beer market is booming and we’ve been working for almost a year to make sure that our entry into that market launches a long term relationship and appreciation for FiftyFifty, our Truckee roots, and of course, our beer. Our initial two shipments of beer have sold out in a matter of days so we look forward to visiting brew pubs and bars throughout China and learning about that customer. Look for a blog post when we return and until then, cheers to your Big Life!