Top 5 Reasons to Wear a Face Covering in Truckee

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The car is packed with everything you need for a fun weekend in Truckee. You have all your adventure gear –  hiking shoes, swimming trunks, mountain bike – but there’s one thing missing. Your face covering! They are mandated in California so don’t forget to pack yours or purchase one once you arrive in Truckee. For more information on face covering use for shopping, dining, and lodging, we answer common questions in these Frequently Asked Questions.

Please note the signage below which is displayed at some Truckee restaurants and retail stores, or other signage that is posted for that business. It explains how, together, we can keep our community and beloved visitors safe.

Here are 5 reasons to wear a face covering in Truckee:

Coffeebar Truckee face coverings

#1 – Travel to Truckee is not a vacation from COVID

Both visitors and residents alike must recognize the particular vulnerability of our rural mountain community and take every precaution to prevent the spread of COVID-19. This is not a vacation from the pandemic. Rather, we ask that visitors keep themselves, their family, friends, and our community safe by following the current CDC recommendations and California state-mandated guidelines. Face coverings are required in California with some exceptions, like hiking when it’s possible to maintain 6 feet of distance. If you’re wondering when and where to wear a face covering, please see these Face Covering FAQs.

Face covering Raley's Truckee

 #2 – It’s the right thing to do

Wearing a face covering is just one way to help take care of Truckee’s mountain community and keep yourself and others safe. You never know who might have a pre-existing condition that puts them at risk for COVID-19. Just like wearing a seatbelt or washing your hands, it’s simply the right thing to do! Think about the employees who are hard at work to keep Truckee open for your visit, the vulnerability of our rural community, and your fellow travelers who wish to take home only memories of their great time in Truckee.

Hiking with face coverings

#3 – The best face coverings are comfortable

Your face covering should be comfortable and these days, there are many different designs and materials to choose from. Some use elastic and wrap around the back of your head, others tie behind your ears. Try out a few different types to see what you like best. If you don’t like wearing a cloth face covering, consider a face shield. They provide full coverage and can be more comfortable than elastic straps around your ears. Plus, they’re transparent so you can see when someone smiles!  

Buy a Face Covering in Downtown Truckee

#4 – You can find face coverings in many Truckee’s retail stores

If you forgot your face covering at home, don’t worry! There are plenty of places to buy one in Truckee. Most retail shops carry cloth face coverings and places like Ace Mountain Hardware and Sports also carry N95s. Buying a face covering in Truckee is a great way to shop small and support Truckee retail stores. Purchase a Truckee Love mask and it can become a souvenir from your trip! You’ll love the creative designs that you can find, like the masks above from Gallery 5830’ in historic downtown Truckee.

Shop cloth face coverings at these locations in Truckee:

Face covering downtown Truckee

#5 – They’re fashionable! Show off your personality with a fun print

Face coverings have become the accessory 2020 never saw coming. Just like wearing a cute hat or pair of earrings, they are a way to show off your personality and style. There are so many cute prints and patterns, and even major clothing brands have started making them. You should have a few different pairs that can be rotated and washed frequently. Because they’re inexpensive, you can have even have a different face covering to match different outfits! Remember, a face mask should cover up your nose and mouth… but not your personality!

Face Covering FAQs for Shopping, Dining, Lodging and More

We hope you enjoy your visit to Truckee while keeping yourself and others safe by wearing a face covering!

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