Why Truckee

Mountain Town

You know the place. It’s home to your favorite, best ever top-to-bottom run, ride or paddle glide. Where the stars and the conditions align and you enter, the zone. Where that certain restaurant chainsaws ice blocks, where that artist forges up-cycled iron, that chef creates farm-to-mountain-top dinners, that entrepreneur brainstorms the next killer App on a chairlift. Read more about our authentic town.... Check out Truckee's awards and accolades.



Quality of Life


Economic Development

Truckee is a vibrant mountain town committed to creating a community where people want to live, work and play. Reflecting this commitment to our quality of life, Town leaders are focused on fostering a thriving business climate that supports and retains local businesses and attracts new business opportunities.  Learn more about Truckee’s Business Friendly Culture and Business Support Programs.

Business Culture

Truckee retains our small mountain town charm while boasting business-friendly characteristics that rival many big city locations. These include:

Talent Pool: No matter your business, Truckee offers a highly desirable quality of life and recreational opportunities to attract top professionals. Truckee boasts a highly educated population compared to state averages; 42.5% of Truckee residents have earned a bachelor’s degree or higher (compared to 30.6% statewide) and 12.9% have earned a graduate or professional degree. This focus on educational attainment is also reflected in Truckee’s award-winning schools.

Location: Just 200 miles northeast of San Francisco and Silicon Valley, 100 miles east of Sacramento, and 32 miles west of Reno, Truckee provides easy access to several large markets. Conveniently located on interstate 80, Truckee also offers a public airport, and is only 30 minutes away from Reno-Tahoe International Airport.

Entrepreneurial Creativity and Ecosystem: With more than 66% of local businesses categorized as “micro enterprises” (fewer than five employees), Truckee has a strong track record of supporting small businesses. Support programs include professional networking opportunities and free, confidential business consulting services provided by Sierra Small Business Development Center.

Healthcare Hub: Centered around the Tahoe-Forest Health System, Truckee serves as the hub for healthcare services in the Tahoe region. With services ranging from primary care to 24-hour emergency care, surgery, cancer care, physical therapy, occupational health and natural medicine, Truckee is an established and attractive base for healthcare-related industries.

Tech Ecosystem and Creative Culture: Truckee boasts a thriving community of creatives, makers, and technology businesses and startups.  Check out this detailed blog post to learn more.

Business Support

The Town of Truckee is committed to supporting businesses and commercial activities that build upon and enhance Truckee’s unique character and natural environment. To further this commitment, the Town and its partners provide the following economic development programs:

OpenCounter:  The Town of Truckee provides the OpenCounter web-based tool to get you started in the business permitting and approval process. OpenCounter helps streamline and estimate the time, cost, and processes necessary for new businesses to set up shop. This tool asks the right questions, in the right order, so business owners see the requirements, fees, processes necessary for your planned business use and location.

Over The Counter Thursdays Plan Review: Each Thursday Community Development staff offer walk-in hours and scheduled appointments for over-the-counter review of certain smaller projects. This process provides architects, engineers, contractors and staff the ability to make corrections in real time, expediting the approval process. Learn more about over-the-counter eligible projects and office hours.

Sierra Small Business Development Center: The Small Business Development Center provides free, confidential one-on-one business consulting to help entrepreneurs start, grow and sustain their business. Additionally, periodic Small Business Development Center workshops support business skill development in a small group setting. Learn more about Small Business Development Center programs.

Community Development Block Grant Loan Program: The Town of Truckee in partnership with the Sierra Business Council offers a Community Development Block Grant program that provides affordable financing and technical assistance workshops to eligible businesses of Truckee. CDBG programs are designed to stimulate economic growth and improve the living conditions of residents in the community. The program offers two types of loans to eligible businesses. For income eligible new or existing microenterprises (five or fewer employees including the owner), the program offers low-cost, flexible term financing. Loans are also available for established, larger businesses looking to expand and create jobs in Truckee. Learn more about Truckee CDBG Loan programs.

Personalized Support: The Town of Truckee provides an economic development coordinator to answer your questions, help direct new businesses to available support programs, and guide you through the permitting process.

Streetscape Improvement Funding Program: The Town of Truckee provides match funding to downtown businesses to support streetscape improvements, including installing sidewalks, landscaped buffers, outdoor plazas, and other pedestrian improvements

New Business Start-Up Program: The Town knows how important it is to establish your new business within the local community and draw attention to your location. Should you choose to participate in the New Business Start-Up Program, the Town Mayor will announce the opening of your new business during a Town Council meeting and provide a brief introduction of your business. If you intend to host a grand opening celebration, Town staff will help coordinate the Mayor’s participation. In addition, Town staff will help promote your business through a New Business page on the Town website.

INVEST in Truckee Tomorrow

INVEST in Truckee Tomorrow.  Truckee Tomorrow is a collaborative economic development initiative led by the Truckee Chamber of Commerce in partnership with the Town of Truckee and public/private partners dedicated to the well-being and vibrancy of Truckee for generations to come. Originating in 2010 on the heels of the recession, Truckee Tomorrow facilitated four facilitated community meetings to begin the dialogue of working together as a region to identify economic opportunities, challenges, and projects.

In 2013, the group of civic and community leaders were brought together to discuss economic development strategies to pursue. The group consensus was to pursue the creation of a Truckee brand and implementation of a place-based marketing effort that would create a centralized website providing live, work and play information.

Upon securing funding, the Truckee Brand Identity project began along with the creation of the new Truckee.com website focusing on economic, community, and visitation. This Truckee Tomorrow Phase I project was launched in 2015 and completed in 2016.

Truckee Tomorrow Phase II is now poised to begin. With the Brand as the platform, this next phase will focus on “The Trilogy of Economic Development Initiatives” including Business Speaks, Quality of Life, and Socio-Economic Indicators.

The Truckee Chamber of Commerce has been a community pillar for over 100 years. The community has depended on the Chamber to be a catalyst for change, convener for business, and champion for a stronger business community. The health of our business community and the health of the larger community in which it lives are inextricable. Providing what business needs to succeed is central to the success of the community as a whole.

Contact us to learn more. The Truckee Chamber will be seeking partners that want to create and embrace change that will benefit the community for years to come. For more information, contact Lynn Saunders, President/CEO at 530-587-8808 or e-mail Lynn@Truckee.com, or Pam Hobday, Chair of the Chamber Board at 916-761-2045 or e-mail PKHurt@cs.com. JOIN US NOW TO INVEST in TRUCKEE TOMROROW.

Facts and Stats

Truckee was first established in 1863; incorporated in 1993. Truckee, with a population of 16,985, is the largest of three incorporated cities in Nevada County (Grass Valley and Nevada City are the other two). The Town is governed by five council members, elected at-large for four-year terms. Elections are held every other year, and terms are staggered. Read more

Truckee Facts and Stats Infographic