COVID-19 Travel Update for Truckee

Truckee's Sugar Bowl Resort in winter.

As of Jan. 12, 2021, Truckee (per Nevada County) has met the criteria to exit the Regional Stay Home Order and is now open for travel and lodging in the PURPLE tier. Please be advised there is still a public health advisory to avoid traveling 120 miles for non-essential needs in addition to a 10-day quarantine for out of state travelers. Per Dr. Ghaly, "we are not out of the woods" and all Covid-19 protocols are required (masks, no social gatherings, maintain six feet distancing).  Plan a safe winter trip. 


Business Status

Truckee (Nevada County) is OPEN in the Purple tier. Restaurants and lodging are open. View the chart below to see current business activity. SIGN UP FOR VISIT TRUCKEE-TAHOE E-NEWS for travel updates and information.

Regional Stay Home Order PURPLE (CURRENT STATUS) RED (substantial)
Gatherings Prohibited Outdoor only. Max 3 households. Outdoor only. Indoor discouraged. Max 3 households.
Hotels, Lodging, Rentals Open with modifications for essential travelers only. Open with modifications.  Open with modifications. Fitness centers 10% capacity. Indoor pools, hot tubs closed.
Restaurants Takeout or delivery only. No indoor or outdoor dining. Outdoor only with modifications 25% indoor seating or 100 people (whichever if fewer) with modifications
Breweries (with food) Takeout or delivery only. No indoor or outdoor dining. Outdoor only with modifications 25% indoor seating or 100 people (whichever if fewer) with modifications
Bars (no food) Closed Closed Closed
Hair Salons and Massage Studios Closed Open indoors with modifications Open indoors with modifications
Ski Resorts, Gyms, Fitness Centers, Yoga Studios Outdoor only. Outdoor only with modifications 10% capacity indoors with modifications. Indoor pools, hot tubs, saunas, steam rooms closed.
Retail Shops 20% capacity indoors with modifications 25% capacity indoors with modifications 50% capacity indoors with modifications


Truckee is open in the PURPLE tier. Travel, lodging and outdoor dining are now open.

State COVID-19 Monitoring DASHBOARD

Where can I see LIVE data?
On the State COVID-19 Monitoring Dashboard page, scroll down until you see the California MAP. Select Nevada County.

  • January 11: 9.7% Greater Sacramento ICU bed capacity remaining. – STAY HOME REMAINS IN EFFECT
  • January 12: 24% Nevada County positivity rate, 77.4 daily new cases per 100K (7-day average) - PURPLE TIER IN EFFECT
  • January 12: 9.4% Greater Sacramento ICU bed capacity remaining.- PURPLE TIER IN EFFECT
  • January 19: 8.5% Nevada County positivity rate, 30.2 daily new cases per 100K (7-day average) - PURPLE TIER IN EFFECT

Nevada County (Truckee) COVID-19 Monitoring DASHBOARD

Key Metrics: Active Cases (updated daily), New Daily Cases by Eastern (Truckee) vs. Western (Grass Valley, Nevada City) County, Hospitalization. Mondays always show a high spike.

  • January 11: 574 active cases, 13 hospitalizations, 26 new cases eastern (Truckee), 63 new cases western.
  • January 12: 598 active cases, 13 hospitalizations, 7 new cases eastern (Truckee), 27 new cases western.
  • January 13: 594 active cases, 12 hospitalizations, 3 new cases eastern (Truckee), 15 new cases western.
  • January 14: 597 active cases, 14 hospitalizations, 12 new cases eastern (Truckee), 30 new cases western.
  • January 15: 568 active cases, 14 hospitalizations, 8 new cases eastern (Truckee), 14 new cases western.
  • January 19: 630 active cases, 8 hospitalizations, 14 new cases eastern (Truckee), 89 new cases western.
  • January 20: 613 active cases, 10 hospitalizations, 4 new cases eastern (Truckee), 24 new cases western.
  • January 21: 532 active cases, 9 hospitalizations, 7 new cases eastern (Truckee), 10 new cases western.
  • January 22: 533 active cases, 8 hospitalizations, 6 new cases eastern (Truckee), 28 new cases western.

Blueprint for a Safer Economy Status – All Counties
Key Info: what businesses are open by County.

Understanding the Blueprint for a Safer Economy Tiers
Key Info: tier framework, moving through tiers, risk criteria.

Overview of Business Activity - View what's open in each tier of the Blueprint to a Safer Economy
Nevada County Reopening FAQs
Understanding the Data – Definitions & Formulas

Neighboring Lake Tahoe Dashboards:

Ski Resorts

Ski Well Be Well

Truckee-Tahoe ski resorts are open with modifications. Reservations are required for lessons, rentals, and day tickets. Day-of, walk-up ticket sales have been discontinued. Operations may change to follow current health and safety guidelines. Note that Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows, Northstar California Resort, and Sugar Bowl Resort are located in Placer County. Boreal Mountain California is located in Nevada County.

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Weather, Roads & Webcams

Stay up to date with the latest Truckee-Tahoe weather, view live ski resort webcams and get key links to important road conditions.

Ski Well, Be Well.

Be the reason we have a season! Ski California and the National Ski Areas Association shows us how to work together to stay safe on slopes.



Truckee-Tahoe Restaurants

Restaurants and breweries that serve food are open for outdoor dining, delivery, and takeout. Indoor dining is currently closed. Support Truckee-Tahoe restauranteers and buy a restaurant gift card.

View or Download the Truckee Dining Guide

Truckee's Winter Dining Guide is here! This printable guide lists restaurants by neighborhood, price, cuisine, and breakfast, lunch, or dinner offerings.

Truckee, California Grocery Shopping Roundup for Your Household

Your roundup of restaurant & brewery takeout, Truckee grocery stores, food shops, & more.

Help Protect Others

Keep an eye out for the signage below displayed at Truckee restaurants and retail stores. It explains how, together, we can keep our community and beloved visitors safe.

Do Your Part, Keep Truckee HealthyTruckee Welcome


Top 6 Places to Go Sledding, Tubing & Build a Snowman in Truckee

Check out these great family-friendly places to play in the snow! You're bound to have fun at one of these top spots for sledding, tubing, or building a snowman.

Recreate Responsibly and Leave No Trace

Follow the winter #RecreateResponsibly guidelines when you spend time outdoors. Pick up broken sleds and pack out all your trash. Together we can #RespectTruckee.

Winter Recreation

Truckee Weather & Conditions

Stay up to date as the weather changes, find information on road conditions, and view live Truckee-Tahoe webcams.

Sierra Avalanche Center

Heading into the backcountry? Check the daily avalanche forecast and view recent observations before backcountry skiing, snowmobiling, or snowshoeing. Learn how to read the forecast and stay safe in avalanche terrain with their free educational resources.

Dog-Friendly, Snow-Free Winter Trails

Truckee has 21 miles of paved paths that are plowed in winter, a snow-free option for a dog walk or run. Track the snow plows live using Truckee 511.

Recreate Responsibly and Leave No Trace

Follow the winter #RecreateResponsibly guidelines when you spend time outdoors. Together we can #RespectTruckee.


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