Big Life Local Joel White Makes Homemade Dog Treats

Melba and Hazel Dog Treats

Melba & Hazel is the best source for fresh gourmet dog treats in the Lake Tahoe region. Owner Joel Scott White started making dog treats because one of their dogs, Melba, is allergic to many of the ingredients typically used in dog food and dog treats. Each of their four products start with raw meat, poultry or fish that was intended for consumption by humans, which is then dehydrated. There are no preservatives, additives, fillers, sugars or artificial sweeteners. Here are some details about their ingredients: Crispy Pork Sticks are 100% TriTip Pork Sirloin; Crispy Fish Strips are 100% Skinless Freshwater Tilapia; Crispy Chicken Sticks are 100% Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast;  and their Crispy Turkey Strips are 100% Lean Ground Turkey. Melba & Hazel’s Premium Homemade Dog Treats are available online at, as well as at several Farmers Markets and select retailers. Shipping by second business day Priority Mail is free on all orders. To reach them by phone call 415-613-4004.