Big Life Artist – Mark Larson

Mark Larson, also known as Jusmark, owner of Truth Tattoo in downtown Truckee, is a life-long experimental artist. As a tattoo artist, his clients describe him as “An artist, visionary and extraordinary communicator.” Mark has been painting for more than forty years. Moving a lot as a child, he lived all over the country, so art was his constant friend in a new place. It always helped him to meet other creatively-inclined kids. Before reaching his twenties, art became the key to the world around him, and he was using that key to open doors to everything that interested him, including tattoo art. Working and learning the art of ink on skin under a master, Mark worked and lived many years in Maui before moving to Santa Rosa, California. Seeking a change and desiring to reconnect more with nature, he and his family moved to Truckee, where he opened Truth Tattoo in 2006.

Mark has painted with everything from watercolor to oil, but has more recently settled on acrylics for its versatility. He loves painting people, but after years of tattooing so many different themes, now finds himself drawn in many directions with many influences, ranging from mature to mysticism.














Mark’s large art pieces have shown at Philosophy downtown and he has a wide range of work on display at Coupe Sixty-One salon in The Rock. His art appears at various places as opportunities present themselves, often receiving commission requests as a result of his pop-up galleries. Because he is usually booked (with a waiting list) at Truth Tattoo, when he is inspired to create art, his painting is often squeezed into his “free time” (as much free time as a father of two school-aged kids has) which can mean starting days in the very early mornings. Still he welcomes the creative opportunities to take on commission pieces.

At the Truckee Cultural District booth at Truckee Thursdays this week, Mark will be showing some of his commissioned art pieces, including one of his favorites that depicts a snow storm. You can also view his tattoo art at or on Mark’s Facebook or Instagram pages.