About Truckee.com


Truckee Tomorrow Phase I 

Truckee Tomorrow is an economic initiative spearheaded by civic and community leaders who are dedicated to the well being and vibrancy of Truckee for generations to come. The Truckee Brand Identity and Truckee.com were two deliverables from the Truckee Tomorrow “Place-Based Marketing Initiative”, a project approved in 2013, launched in 2015 and completed in 2016. The website Truckee.com is focused on economic, community and visitation. This website and the Truckee Brand would not be possible without the generous funding, support and enthusiasm of our Public/Private Partners. Funding for the “Place-Based Marketing Initiative” was provided by the Town of Truckee and the Truckee Tomorrow Public-Private Partners.
  • Town of Truckee
  • Brand Breadcrumbs
  • Castle Peak Ventures, LLC
  • Dickson Real Estate
  • ELTE Inc.
  • FiftyFifty Brewing Co./ Drunken Monkey
  • Holliday Development
  • Mountain Hardware & Sports
  • Northstar California™
  • Pamela Hurt Associates
  • Plumas Bank
  • PropertyRadar
  • The Ritz-Carlton Lake Tahoe
  • Tahoe Donner Association
  • Tahoe Forest Hospital System
  • Tahoe Truckee Unified School District
  • Truckee Chamber of Commerce
  • Truckee Donner Public Utility District
  • Truckee Downtown Merchants Association
  • Truckee River Associates
  • Truckee Tahoe Airport District
  • Truckee Tahoe Lumber Company

Truckee Tomorrow - Phase II

The Truckee Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors recognized the need to identify real business issues as defined by our business community. As a result, Truckee Tomorrow-Phase II (an economic development initiative) was conceived, facilitated by, and is managed by the Truckee Chamber of Commerce in partnership with private investors and the Town of Truckee. This public/private partnership’s overarching goal is to create a diverse economy, while maintaining and growing a diverse, vibrant middle class. The Truckee Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to stepping up to the greatest challenges in our community, acting as: Catalyst for business growth, Convener of leaders & influencers to get things done, Champion for a thriving community.

In January 2018, the Truckee Chamber launched Business Speaks, convening the business community at quarterly gatherings to identify the greatest challenges facing the local business community and develop creative solutions. Through input from over 625 businesses over the course of 32 Business Speaks meetingsthree projects were identified to tackle the issue of recruitment and retention, and address the overarching goal:

Develop an Employer Co-op - designed to help employers find workers to fill jobs

Growing Our Own- expanding on existing programs and identify creative opportunities for internships/apprenticeships

Develop Truckee as an Entrepreneur Ecosystem - a long-term, forward-thinking approach to diversifying Truckee’s economy.

The Trilogy of Economic Development Initiatives:

In addition to the Business Speaks program, and projects in development as a result of those meetings, Truckee Tomorrow - Phase II includes:

Quality of Life surveys - annual surveys that measure and track community sentiment about living in Truckee

Socio-Economic Indicators - a central portal for key metrics that matter most to Truckee Citizens, in one easy place online, establishing baseline information to be measured annually to identify upward and downward trends that impact quality of life for Truckee citizens.


Truckee.com would not express our Truckee lifestyle without the heart, talent, passion and generosity of our local photographers - in addition to the many businesses and Public-Private Partners who donated imagery.


Bill Stevenson
Grant Kaye
Sky Emerson
Daphne Hougard
Albert Lewis
Court Leve
Doug Jones
Jeremy Jensen
Michelle Erskine
Andy Giordano
Chris Turner
Ryan Salm
Scott Thompson (Photographer)

To learn about which photography was taken by who, please contact us.

Businesses + Organization Photography Donated

Tahoe Donner Association
Northstar California
Squaw Valley | Alpine Meadows
Tahoe Truckee Area Rapid Transit
Truckee Donner Land Trust
Town of Truckee
Truckee River Associates (Photography by Chris Beck)
Tahoe Forest Hospital System
Tahoe Truckee Unified School District
FiftyFifty Brewing Company
Bar of America
California 89
Tahoe University
Tahoe Expeditionary Academy and +Impact School
Studio Tahoe
Truckee Police
Tahoe Mountain Sports


Brand Development + Website Strategy

The Truckee Chamber of Commerce facilitated the new Truckee Brand and Truckee.com website, guiding the process through community workshops, online surveys and extensive work with the Public/Private Partners from February 2015-September 2016.

Project Team

Colleen Dalton, Truckee Brand + Truckee.com Strategic Oversight and Project Management
Truckee Chamber Brand Communications Director

Dave Sick, Lead Technical Advisor + Brand Project Team
Brand Breadcrumbs

SunMie Won, Lead Programmer
SW Programming

Scott Keith, Brand Agency (Brand Guidelines, Website look/feel)
Keith Design Group (KDG)

Melissa Williams, Content Development + Quality

Jessica Carr, Lead Trainer (User Login/Self-Service)
Sierra Small Business Development Center

Chamber Staff
Lynn Saunders, President + CEO
Melody Rebbeck, Membership Sales Director
Ruth Geresy, California Welcome Center Operations Director

Chamber Board Members - Team Advisors
Lisa Toutant, ELTE
Pamela Hobday


Truckee Brand Logo Usage

The Truckee Brand Identity (logo, tagline, fonts, color palette, personality, voice, and tone) is available for use by all businesses and individuals who meet usage requirements and who complete the Logo Use Request Form.

More Info?
Contact us  for more information regarding the Truckee Brand Identity.



In 2015-2016, the Truckee Chamber of Commerce facilitated a Place-Based Marketing Initiative on behalf of two funding groups  - the Town of Truckee and the Truckee Tomorrow Public / Private Partners.

This project delivered the creation of a Truckee Brand Identity (logo, tagline, personality, voice, tone, color palette, fonts, etc.) and a redesigned Truckee.com web site (launching summer 2016) that expands beyond tourism and delivers community and business resources / economic information.

Truckee Brand Oversight / Management

The Truckee Chamber of Commerce is the official Truckee Brand Identity owner and overseer, ensuring appropriate legal use and guidelines are followed for a consistent marketing message that unites Truckee in the minds and hearts of our community, visitors and business owners.

Truckee Brand Logo & Tagline – Base Camp for a Big Life

Logo Usage - Official Designated Use

The new Truckee Brand Identity (logo, tagline and color palette) is used by the Town of Truckee, Truckee Downtown Merchants Association (TDMA), and the Truckee Chamber of Commerce for communication pieces (collateral, digital, social, signage, banners, etc.) in order to create one, comprehensive look and tagline that unites our Town. Guidelines, oversight of design and approval is managed by the Chamber in partnership with Town and TDMA.

Logo Usage - Community

The Truckee Chamber encourages the Brand Logo + Tagline to be used by all Truckee businesses, non-profits and individuals. A completed Logo Use request form and agreement is required.

You can learn more about this project and get a good sense of the research, development and community input for the Brand Identity by watching the recorded presentation at Town Council on Feb 9 and the PowerPoint presentation, linked at the bottom of this page

To receive approval of Logo + Tagline Use, please follow these steps:

  1. Register yourself or your Business with the Chamber of Commerce.
  2. Read the Truckee Brand Style Guide and the Terms of Use Agreement that you will sign after receiving approval so you are aware of the do's and don'ts, before requesting use.
  3. Submit a Truckee Logo Use Request Form.
  4. If approved, you will receive an email from the Truckee Chamber of Commerce and a Terms of Use Agreement.
  5. Sign and submit the Terms of Use Agreement.
  6. You will receive a link to the Truckee Brand logo dropbox folder.
  7. All Graphic Designers, Web Developers, etc. (working on behalf of a client) on a project that will use the Truckee Brand Logo are required to register with the Truckee Chamber of Commerce, in addition to following all steps above.

Logo Usage - Commercial Licensing

The Truckee Brand Logo for commercial use requires a license agreement with the Truckee Chamber of Commerce with financial terms thereof. Any commercial use of the Truckee Brand logo without a license agreement will be notified with a cease and desist. To request licensing for commercial use, please follow steps #1-#3.  You will be contacted by Colleen Dalton, Marketing & Communications Director, Truckee Chamber of Commerce, to discuss a license agreement.

Logo Use - Tourism Event Grants & Community Marketing Program Recipients.

The Truckee Brand Logo is required for use by recipients of the Truckee Chamber, Tourism Event Grants program.

Notice to Event Grant Recipients; please read the Truckee Brand Style Guide  and submit a Truckee Logo Use Request Form so that we have your details and approval on file.  Please contact us with attachments of digital images of your collateral and suggested logo positioning, for approval.

Please note if you are working with a Designer, he/she is required to read the Truckee Brand Style Guide.