150 Year Truckee-Donner Transcontinental Railroad Anniversary

150 years ago, on May 10, 1869 the Transcontinental Railroad was completed, forever changing the landscape of the Truckee-Donner Summit area. This sesquicentennial of the Transcontinental Railroad marks the spanning of the continent with rails and a revolution to this area and the country. The railroad brought both freight and travelers to Truckee, helped create our local lumber and ice industries, and brought writers and artists to capture the beauty of the area.












The Truckee-Donner Summit Historical and Railroad Societies invite you to join us in celebrating this wondrous feat. From May 10th through mid-September visitors and locals are enjoying various 150-year railroad activities in the Truckee area, including guided hikes and walking tours, historical talks (many include historical photos and maps), train rides, tour of the historical Old Jail, and railroad history at the train caboose. On August 31, come to the culminating picnic – a wonderful day at the park riding the trains, eating lunch, and lots of history discussions!

You can also visit Truckee Donner Recreation & Parks center through September and see local art themed to celebrate the 150th year of the transcontinental railroad. In addition, Truckee visitors  are invited to stop by the train museum downtown at the train caboose and fill out “railroad passports.” These passports can be stamped at various locations around town. Each location will have a unique stamp, thereby encouraging visits to Truckee’s stores where they can learn more about Truckee’s history. Truckee Cultural District is proud to recognize this wonderful historic and creative series of events and its sponsors. Stop by the Visit Truckee booth at Truckee Thursdays on August 8 to meet some of our local historians and talk about the transcontinental railroad and Truckee.

To learn more, visit https://www.goldspike.org