The train signifies an integral part of our historic roots: the building of the transcontinental railroad over the mighty Sierra Nevada mountains. Today, Amtrak stops in Truckee twice a day. Photo: Andy Crosby
Welcome to Our World.
Who needs horsepower when you've got dog power? Adventure awaits those with a passion for the outdoors, the environment, and the extraordinary. [Explore Truckee] Photo: Jeff Dow
Grey Goose on Ice.
On rare occasions extreme cold weather can cause Donner Lake to freeze. These spirited grey geese take a slide on the wild side on a crisp winter morning. Photo: Tom Falconer
Truckee. A Sense of Place.
It's real. It's authentic. Its sense of place lets people feel connected to each other and to a shared appreciation of a quality of life that some only dream of. Behind the laid-back vibe, friendships are forged in the pursuit of happiness and adventures.[Visit Explore] Photo: Jeff Dow
Top Mountain Ski Town.
Truckee was named 'One of the World's 25 Best Ski Towns' by Recognized as a mountain community steeped in ski heritage, amenities, and culture. [Explore Ski & Ride] Photo: Chris Beck
A River Runs Through.
If location is everything, than Truckee has it all. Set cozily between peaks of the breathtaking Sierra Nevadas, Truckee boasts for perfect seasons. [See Weather + Travel Info] Photo: Scott Thompson
Vicariously. Summit.
This is one way to see Donner Lake! Go extreme or live vicariously through it , like we do. [Explore Donner Lake]
Photo: Ryan Salm
A Wonderland of Winter.
There are two ways to approach winter: either avoid it entirely or embrace it like some kind of golden retriever with a penchant for winter carnivals, mulled wine, fireplaces, and sun-drenched slopes. [Explore Winter Activities]
Photo: Jeff Dow
The Caboose Paint Matches the Original!
From the blasting of black powder in the granite over Donner Lake, to the hissing of the first steam coming to town, whistles of lumberjacks in the mountains, the crack of ice being loaded in the reefers; and, tourists flocking to share in the beauty of the area, the Truckee Railroad Museum tells the story. Photo: Scott Thompson
The Ninth Man. At Prosser Lake.
Is the ninth man significant? It is here! Prosser Lake is not always about fish. Sometimes it freezers over and you can skate or watch a local ice hockey team. Photo: Daphne Hougard
Track Lighting in the Mountains.
Nighttime in the quaint historic train town of Truckee gives new meaning to track lighting. Proud of its historic roots, Truckee was recently listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Eclectic shops and superb restaurants set in authentic historic buildings raise the bar on Truckee's cool factor. [See History Timeline] Photo: Scott Thompson
Thought to be the Heart of Truckee-Tahoe.
Beautiful scenery, abundant wildlife, crystal waters, and clear skies. Martis Valley exemplifies what we love about this area. Not only rich in biological diversity and conservation value, it is a popular recreation area for hikers, bikers, anglers, birders, campers, and skiers.
Dreaming of a White Christmas.
If shopping and dining is on your agenda, Truckee delivers the goods, no matter the season. Photo by
Scott Thompson
Nighttime. Fishing. Truckee River.
Why is fishing better at night? For the same reason most people are at home. Fish feed better in the evening.
[Explore Fishing] Photo: Andy Crosby
Truckee Train Depot.
Situated in the heart of downtown - the historic train depot, built in 1900, is home to the California Welcome Center. Photo: Ethan Rohlof
Eclectic. Historic. Timely.
"Everything changes" does not apply here. This historic downtown store may have just what you are looking for. [Explore Shopping] Photo: Ethan Rohlof
Location. It's Zagat-rated.
Impress or decompress. Truckee boasts more than five Zagat-rated restaurants in town with locations that rival the food. [Explore Dine] Photo: Matt Chappell
Rainbow Bridge. Donner Summit.
Viewed as an engineering marvel when it was built in 1926 at a cost of $40,000. Also, known as the Donner Summit Bridge, it's been called, "one of the most photographed bridges in the U.S." Photo: Tom Falconer
Truckee. Quintessential Art.
Truckee is home to a number of flourishing galleries, design studios, and art co-ops which showcase the work of talented area artists and artisans. And, BTW more Shopping than your agenda can cover. Photo: Jeff Dow
Once in a Blue Moon. We Hope Not.
Whether you are here in pursuit of adventure, to partake in Truckee's "foodie" scene, enjoy one of the multitude of special events that take place all year, or just relax and enjoy the blue skies - Truckee welcomes you to our town. And, hopes your visits to Truckee are not rare. Photo: Tom Falconer
Optimal Sleeping Arrangements.
When it's time to unwind, we can accommodate with an array of comfortable motels, quaint bed-and-breakfasts, and luxurious resort hotels. [Explore Stay] Photo: Chris Beck
Hitchin' a Ride.
It's a dog's life in Truckee, especially for this pair of Goldens. Really, paddle boarding is easy. If you have not tried it yet, it's a must do! We have all the space to do it, and we rent equipment on every shore. Photo: Tom Falconer
Truckee. Quintessential. Outdoors.
Camus Lilies in full bloom in Sagehen Meadows. Photo Dale Kaemmer.
A Local's Hang Out.
"How glorious a greeting the sun gives the mountains" - John Muir. Just breeze through Donner Pass Road; at the Summit you will find Pier #34. It's natures deal, no charge! Photo: Tom Falconer
Bike The Sierra. There is Plenty of Space.
If we said this already, we mean it. Truckee offers you as much recreation as the earth, water, and sky will allow. [Explore Hiking & Biking] Photo: Daphne Hougard
Black Wall. Extreme.
Truckee attracts, and is home to, a sub-culture of elite athletes including elite cycling teams, ultimate Frisbee players, ultra-marathoners, and climbers. Photo: Ryan Salm
Weddings @ Truckee :)
Sing it from a mountain top or at the edge of the roaring Truckee River, your life will be off to a good start in Truckee. [Explore Weddings] Photo: Daphne Hougard
Who Needs a Passport?
With arguably the best collection of world-class golf courses west of the Rockies, you don't need to go anywhere else. [Explore Golf] Photo: Daphne Hougard
Best Mountain Town. Men's Journal.
Touted as "easy living by the lake... within 10 miles of 10 lakes." Truckee receives a nod for enjoying fewer crowds than the popular Lake Tahoe just 12 miles away. "Perhaps the truth depends on a walk around the lake." - Wallace Stevens. Photo provided by Tahoe Donner Association
Lake. River. Stream.
Catching a fish is icing on the cake. The true splendor of the moment is spending time with that special someone. [Explore Fishing] Photo: Jeff Dow
Thursdays "the New Friday in Truckee."
Why wait for the weekend, start your summer adventures at Truckee Thursdays downtown street festival. Take in the music, vendors, beer garden, farmers market and just hangin' out relaxing as the sun sets in the west. Ahhh! life in the mountains. [Explore Events] Photo: Rob Retting
Something For Everyone.
Whether you're a casual vacationer, weekend warrior, or budding triathlete. The Truckee area has something for everyone. [Explore] Photo: Chris Beck
Hiking. Pacific Crest Trail.
Only one other thing rivals our walking trails and beautiful terrain... our reputation as a welcoming, family-oriented community. [Explore Hiking] Photo: Daphne Hougard